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At Quality Investment, we coordinate and conduct the entire project-finishing-furniture process from start to finish. This allows the client to deal with only one company responsible for the entire investment, avoiding the common practice in this industry of “passing responsibility” between designers, craftsmen, carpenters, and other individuals involved in the process.
Additionally, QI is responsible for transportation, ordering, and potential complaints regarding finishing and construction materials, which is particularly time-consuming and often costly for retail clients (complaints lodged by a large finishing company are in practice much more frequently considered and resolved more efficiently).
Ultimately, internal communication between the design department and the finishing or materials department within a single company will always be more effective than between different economic entities.

Our main philosophy is the individual approach to each client, transparent pricing (without hidden costs), and the high quality of the finishing materials used. When finishing interiors for our Investors, we use high-quality fillers, primers, and paints with high durability and low allergen content. Additionally, the quality of finishing materials such as taps, ceramics, tiles, and floorboards is also top-notch, ensuring the long life of mechanisms and consumable materials, as well as floors. As a result, our clients can enjoy a perfectly arranged and healthy interior that can be comfortably used for a long time.

In order for your interior to be unique and tailored to your needs, our designers will conduct an extensive interview with you regarding your expectations. They will ask about inspirations (such as photos, images, solutions that may have caught your eye on the Internet) and show dozens of images to understand your preferred style. They will then conduct an inventory (measurements) at the investment site and propose several functional layouts (arrangement of sofas, tables, kitchen layouts, wall arrangements, etc.). After accepting one of them and selecting finishing materials, they will create a visualization of your interior. Some of these visualizations can be seen in the “Projects” tab on our website. After approving the visualization and the list of finishing materials, the Project Department sends a list of materials for ordering to our Materials Department. This is also a good time to measure internal doors and floors at your investment, as these items take the longest in factories and can hinder the progress of the finishing process. Meanwhile, Designers work on technical drawings for our Finishing Department and on furniture drawings for carpenters. With this approach, the Finishing Team entering the investment is equipped with all the necessary construction drawings and finishing materials, which greatly streamlines the finishing process. At this stage, you also receive a quote for furniture from the carpenter, who can start work upon acceptance. These procedures have been perfected in nearly a hundred completed investments and ensure a very smooth progress of work.

For an average-sized apartment with one bathroom, the completion time from the entry of the team into the investment site is approximately 6 weeks. Additionally, it should be added about 6 weeks for the project process and ordering of finishing materials.

In each of the finishing packages, the price includes finishing and construction materials (flooring, internal doors, bathroom fixtures, paints, fillers, primers, etc.) from the most renowned and reliable companies (Grohe, Porta, Quick-Step). In the case of the comfort package, you can choose basic series from these manufacturers’ offerings characterized by the highest quality and durability parameters. In the stylish and prestigious package, you primarily pay extra for design and above-standard solutions (for example, very wide layered board or freestanding bathtub). To better understand our offering and choose the most optimal package for yourself, we encourage you to view them in the “Turnkey Offer” section.

Of course. We have created 4 pre-defined packages to facilitate the choice for our Investors. However, we understand that some of our Clients would like to adopt solutions from a cheaper package and some from a more expensive one. In this regard, we invite you to our office to create an individual package using a simple configurator. We will explain the dependencies and help you choose the most optimal solution for you. This approach also allows you to design and implement the interior in any finishing materials available on the market.

At Quality Investment, we understand that most Investors would like to start work as soon as possible. Therefore, our philosophy is to avoid distant deadlines – to get information about the current workload of teams and designers, please call us on: +48 530 723 966.

Certainly. Contract templates are available upon request if you are interested. Please contact us for more information on this matter.

Yes. We carry out finishing of interiors from ready projects from the most renowned design studios in Krakow. We also help coordinate the ordering of finishing materials if needed. For more details on this offer, please contact us by phone or email.

Yes. Feel free to visit our sales showroom at 87 Marcika Street in Krakow. We focus on individual service, so we encourage you to schedule such a visit by phone as well.

Yes. The materials included in the packages are available at our showroom at 87 Marcika Street in Krakow. During a meeting with an interior designer, you can view and select materials such as panels, boards, tiles, and grout. If we do not have a specific tile that interests you, we can order it.

Yes, we can definitely assist in the acceptance of an apartment from the developer. Among our staff, we have a construction supervisor who knows what to pay attention to during the acceptance process and what defects occur in such situations. This solution helps you avoid additional costs during the finishing of the apartment.

Now is the best time. At this stage, you can make any changes to the apartment layout. If you also want to move in as soon as possible, the best solution is to carry out the project before accepting the apartment from the developer.

Dream interior projects! Quality Investment in Krakow! Your interior designer for apartments and houses!

We will create comprehensive interior design projects for apartments and houses that you have always dreamed of. Each of our interior designers has dozens of completed projects to their credit, which means extensive experience. We always tailor our arrangements to the needs and possibilities of our clients. We not only create beautiful and unique interior designs but also carry out their implementation from A to Z turnkey.
This way, you do not have to worry about anything, as specialists will take care of the entire completion of your apartment or house. Check out our full range of services and offerings provided by our company. It is also worth getting to know the opinions of our clients about our projects. Then you will certainly gain confidence that it is worth creating an interior design before proceeding to complete the house or apartment.
Discover the reviews of our clients about our services and offerings and how we prepare the most beautiful interior design projects in Krakow. Interior design is our passion! Find out today!

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