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What do Quality Investment's clients gain from working with mFinanse?

  • Consultation and support of an expert in making important financial decisions, in the main concerning the finishing of the dream apartment or house;
  • Ability to examine creditworthiness based on the most favorable offers from among many banks and assistance in analyzing the client’s finances;
  • The most up-to-date offers including bank promotions;
  • Save time and money with offers tailored to individual needs and capabilities;
  • Security and reliable and unbiased support from a specialist resulting from the training provided in accordance with banking requirements and good practice recommendations adopted by the Association of Polish Banks and the Association of Financial Intermediation Companies;
  • Mobility and flexibility of experts throughout the country, convenient forms of communication;

Consult your mortgage with an mFinanse expert – Krakow and surroundings

Consult your mortgage with an mFinanse expert- Warsaw and surroundings