Below you will find our comprehensive offer “turnkey packages” in four price variants. Turnkey realization includes Basic interior design, all necessary finishing and construction materials according to the selected package and total labor costs. We invite you to read the details and other variants and prices in the field of interior design.




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Price list of services of complex turnkey finishing of apartments

What each turnkey apartment finishing package includes and its price:

  • Basic interior design
  • Finished bathroom (sink, toilet, bathtub, shower stall, faucets);
  • Floors (tile, wood, panels) and skirting boards with installation;
  • Farby wraz z malowaniem;
  • Interior doors including installation;
  • Lamps and lamp installation;
  • Installation of electrical fixtures;
  • The total cost of labor and construction materials (adhesives, primers, acrylics, waterproofing, etc.);
  • Delivery, verification and transportation costs of materials;
  • Guarantee for finishing works;

In addition, we can realize:

  • Acceptance of the apartment from the developer;
  • Customized kitchen and furniture;
  • Stairs including balustrades (wood, steel, glass);
  • Air conditioning including installation.

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* For apartments smaller than 60 sqm or houses larger than 150 sqm, the price is determined individually.

** The prices apply to apartments and houses in developer condition, the price applies to the square meter of the area of the apartment/house calculated after the floors.

*** Gross prices, including VAT

Our company performs interior design and turnkey finishing of apartments in Krakow, Warsaw and surrounding areas of these cities. The quoted price is valid both for the valuation of apartments and as a price per m2 of turnkey house finishing.

From interior design to turnkey apartment finishing!

At Quality Investment, we focus on comprehensive investment services. We are engaged in the implementation of finishing apartments and houses from developer state to turnkey. It is up to us to coordinate the materials, professional finishing and organization of all the extras necessary to move in.

Turnkey implementation and finishing of an apartment is the most convenient way to turn a project into reality. This is an offer for people who do not have time to personally supervise the work, search for materials and organize supplies. If you want to gain a unique interior in the style of your choice Quality Investment is just for you.

We will take care of everything, supervising the progress of all finishing works. Exclusive teams with whom we work are a guarantee of quality and timely finishing. We take care of every detail of the arrangement, and our work meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. If you are still wondering whether it is worth it to finish a turnkey apartment/house, then be sure to get to know the opinions of other clients for whom we have provided our service.

We treat each order individually, and we perform new challenges with extraordinary enthusiasm and willingness to act. Most of our interior design and turnkey apartment finishing projects are carried out in Krakow and Warsaw, as well as the immediate vicinity. The price of the project and turnkey finishing depends on the selected package.

Deciding on our services you gain:

  • comprehensiveness of activities – we carry out the entire design-finishing-furniture process,
  • individual realization of each order – all projects are equally important to us, we pay great attention to the client’s expectations of the final results of the investment,
  • attention to every detail of the project,
  • timeliness of investment implementation,
  • the shortest possible time to take action – we understand that distant deadlines are a big problem in the industry, and investments can not wait.

Turnkey apartment design and finishing Krakow

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Comprehensive turnkey finishing - questions and answers.

Have you wondered how much turnkey finishing costs? Are you unsure what turnkey apartment finishing itself consists of, and whether it is worth using such a service? We hope that you already know the answer to these questions and what the final price for turnkey finishing may be. With furniture, however, it usually comes out more expensive. Therefore, Quality Investment does not offer turnkey finishing with furniture. On the other hand, we can arrange it individually if you have such needs. Then, after individual development of the interior design, we can price the implementation of turnkey finishing with customized furniture.

Many of you are also wondering what are the opinions of customers who use this type of service. In our case, we have an extensive reference list, and we can put you in touch with our clients so that you can find out for yourself their opinions about the turnkey finishing of an apartment or house. The answer to your questions whether it is worth it to finish an apartment or turnkey and how much it will cost in total depends on individual parameters. The most commonly accepted price is the price per m2 of turnkey finishing of a house or apartment. We encourage you to contact us directly. We will answer all your questions and would love to hear your feedback. Until we hear from you and see you!